Some call him Radio

I just wanted to share a pet peeve.

Pet Peeve: Emails that begin with “I wanted to.” For example “I wanted to introduce myself. My name is….”  or “I wanted to outline the team’s plan for the next two weeks” and so on.

You have passed the wanting phase and have now entered the doing phase. Be assertive and just tell me.

One might as well say “My mom made me write this and say hello.” 

aargh and stuff.

Tonights dinner Challenge

1. Choose to stop eating the sauce and sausages simmering on the stove while waiting for my pasta to finish.

2. Make a career decision of a lifetime.

3. Second guess all decisions

the meme of sides

Your next door neighbor is declaring war.

Not choosing their side is apathy they’ll claim.

They wish bombs to rain down 

on Russia

or Syria

or Israel

or Palestine

or rebels relabeled terrorists in some country lower in the list

of Google news results,

where the stories are everyone suffering and photojournalists being flown out

and laid off,

replaced by the eye and iphone of a 12 year old girl

who doesn’t yet know that her parents vaporized last night in rocket-fire.

So many good people are flippantly wishing for death on Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter.

The saddest, most pathetic meme has taken the internet. 

It hacks the soul,

it tricks the mind into thinking it must decide who should live

and who should die.

War is vandalism of the human spirit. 

the condensation

I do not write.

Something else does,

or at least some part of myself that must hide itself from me

in order to quiet the thunder that I know lurks on my horizons,

but forms without notice as a summer storm

that gathers in a convergence of energy across this flatland 

in a condensation of words for rain.

I will know you.


Oceans for tears,

devotion for a smile, 

whole worlds for footsteps,

your light for hope,

memoirs for our epitaphs.

How to write our poem.


First, there is you and me of course,

and second, all that’s come to be.

With these, we now have our loom.

Set the scenes we remember, and the ones we don’t want to.

It will begin flowing in waves,

as the fabric of the output begins to pile

in spiraling currents like thundering, swirling water

as we navigate them on a keel of quiet words.

I didn’t know that.

If you screw up your tumblr theme, Tumblr keeps 3 backups of your last 3 saved changes. Check it out

It just rescued my theme, that’s for sure.

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